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4009 Lindbergh Drive
Addison, TX 75001
Ph: (972) 416-7774
Fx: (972) 418-7786
Toll Free: (888) 350-1616

Welcome to Mobility Medical Equipment!
Durable Medical and Rehabilitation Equipment!

If you are here, then you must want to be out there but something is impeding you. Having been in a wheelchair for 33 years, I understand the desire for an active life and the obstacles that face mobility-impaired people. The obstacles don't only include motion and accessibility, but also comfort, health, and hygiene issues that arise from increased activity and out-of-home experiences.
MobilityMed.com has a full range of equipment and supplies to give you confidence in venturing out-whether it be to work, play, school or wherever your heart takes you that your body won't.
MobilityMed.com offers a full-line of durable medical equipment including wheelchairs; seating and positioning equipment; scooters; lifters and ramps for cars and homes; car hand controls for cars; standing and exercise equipment and disposable hygiene products. The company even sells beds to get into after a long day out and about. All of these products are specially designed for mobility-impaired people and chosen for their quality, ease of use and benefit provided for cost ratio. We (I) invite you to examine our product offerings and allow us to contact you about your needs and wants.

Sincerely, - Wayne Leavitt, president and CEO